How We Work

How we work



Our work starts the moment you decide to entrust us with the task of developing your website. Like busy bees we get buzzing, studying and familiarizing ourselves with your business and its requirements, because we believe doing background study is very important to deliver excellent & satisfying results. Using our PMS (Project Management System), our designers, developers and managers indulge in extensive Q&A session among them and also with you, so that the purpose, intention and vision of the project are understood by one and all involved in the project.

This first step of development process sets the foundation of the rest of the phases, thus we encourage you and our team to clear every single query regarding the project, as even a minor misunderstanding could lead to problems later on.

Only when our developer and UI team have got their queries answered satisfactorily do we put a check on this step and move on to the next phase.

Safari look by Webappcore


Blueprint by Webappcore


To execute every plan, be it in warfare or website development, a blueprint is required, so that the thoughts are put on paper for everyone to see and understand. Wireframes are just a rough layout created to assign placement of each aspect of the website. This document describes where things like business logo, menu tabs, graphics etc, would be placed and how these elements would behave during user interaction. Having this caricature is extremely important because this pictorial depiction is one of the things that let different developing teams, mainly designers and coders coordinate.

The website wireframe is made available to clients for their perusal and feedback through our ‘demo URL’. And after you give us a go ahead, we advance onto the next stage of the cycle.



When users visit your site and click tabs or interact with the front end of the website, that aspect is built by our developers.But the information they provide through feedback forms or login details is stored with the site backend. This technological aspect of the website is developed by our expert web developers. Their job is to write lengthy codes to provide an easy, manageable backend for your website. A website is fully functional only when the web developers are able to match up the impressive front end of the website with a simple and effective backend using tools such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress, etc. based on PHP coding.

The complete result up till this stage is shared with you using Web App Core server hosted ‘demo URL’ to suggest any modification or changes and approval.

Coding by webappcore


Testing loopholes by Webappcore


Unit and module testing takes place at every phase starting from the initial development stage. But an overall product testing is also important to test for any bugs or coding errors. Thus, we use the popular V-model to carry out the testing process at every stage. Our experienced testers run the website across all devices from desktop to smartphones and on all major browsers, ranging from ubiquitous Google Chrome to Firefox, and IE8+ versions, etc. Apart from this, it’s made sure that the codes used for the website development are W3C validated, the content on the site is SEO friendly and the overall website is speed optimized.

Web App Core follows a stringent testing process. Nothing misses our QA’s eyes. Sometimes, things work out smoothly in the first try. We give a hoot and a hi5 to each other when that happens. But sometimes, it takes a few testing processes before all the pieces fall in the right place. When that happens, we give an even bigger hoot and pat on the back to each other.



After the final product testing, your shiny new website is delivered. As per your request, we either transfer all the files which you can upload by yourself on your hosted server or we upload the files on your hosted server and make the website live for you.

Web App Core offers a 30-day free support after the completion of the project. Apart from that, you also get video tutorials made by our experts to explain how you can manage the frontend of the website through the backend.

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Maintenance mode by Webappcore


We understand that making changes on the website and keeping it up to date could be tedious for you, so we take care of it and tackle all the hassle. Our tech team is at your service, providing assistance with everything, from designing to programming. Hourly, monthly or annual, as per your requirements, you can avail the budget friendly maintenance packages that we offer.

After selecting a suitable service plan you can send your instructions either via email or through voice/video call. We’ll be with you, as your personal maintenance team, for as long as you need.

Let it Be website development or modification to an already existing site, you can count up on Web App Core for all web solutions.